Friday, October 20, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ French Market ~ Part I

It was time once again to make the Pilgrimage downtown to the SWEET SALVAGE Event, where this Month's Theme would be one of the most popular ones of the entire year, "The French Market".   I only had one Grandchild to drop off at School since the other one is on Fall Break.  So I got a much earlier start than usual and arrived so early as to be first in line and snag me a bench seat and ideal parking!  *Whoop Whoop*

In all the years I've been attending, since the very beginning actually, I've never been first in line, so I was pretty jazzed.  But wait, it gets even better, the second person in line was a delightful Lady and we had a nice long chat while waiting... so when she Won Early Entry, she Invited me as her Guest to get in 15 minutes before the crowds!  *Booyah!!!*  This meant better coverage of the Event and the ability to snag First Treasures, like one of these fab Ex Votos!

And the coup de gras, this Amazing Antique Lamp with Tea dyed Seam Binding deconstructed Lampshade dangling with Antique French Religious Medals... be still my beating Heart!!!   Yes, it blew my Mind and my budget, I'll just work harder to recoup my splurge, because I was not leaving this baby behind or I would have had eternal remorse!  *LOL*

And you all know what that eternal non-buyer remorse feels like for years upon years when you let something killer just slip thru your fingers, it's excruciating.  I can always earn some extra cash and sell off a few things to fund an extravagant OOAK purchase, so I hesitated only briefly and didn't try real hard to talk myself out of it.  *Smiles*  Yeah, I tried to walk away but barely got around the corner and when another Lady began looking at it, well, that sealed the Deal.  I had to nudge her out of the way and get it!  *Winks*

No, I didn't throw myself prostrate to the ground in front of it to ensure ownership, but I came mighty close!  *Winks*   It was difficult for me to even get a good pix of it in the Shop, because while I'm distracted behind the Eye of the lens, someone might have grabbed it, so I got crappy pixs of it as it was originally seen in all it's Glory!  *LOL*

Totally unexpected Bonus of said Lamp, it has a three-way Light Function, just the top Edison bulb lit, just the three lower Candlelight Edison bulbs lit, or the combination of both lit!   This makes for Ideal ambient lighting and so it now sits between our two Recliners in the Livingroom.  The Man prefers it over 'The Ugly Lamp', as the Family came to call my Antique Lotus Blossom Lamp, so that has been banished to another room of the house.  *Smiles*

My final purchase was this Fab Antique Brooch for a mere twelve bucks, it will be added to a future Carpet Bag Creation as ornamentation.   I had to hit the registers within 40 minutes of arriving since I had to go back to another City to pick The Young Prince up from School, so I was one of the first in line at checkout as well.   Don't worry, I fully intended to come back later after dropping him off at Home, since you can't possibly do the Event right in just over half an hour and I hate to feel rushed.

So, Yes, I came back slightly later in the Afternoon with this one in tow, wearing her Eiffel Tower Themed Shirt, which she felt very French in.  *LMAO*  She was fearful of attending that Morning in the thick of the crowds, as shopping frenzies scare her after a bad experience at one long ago.  Plus she's not one to stand or sit in lines... just not that committed yet.  *Winks*   

I assured her by Afternoon it would have thinned out some, she didn't think the Mid-Afternoon crowd was that thinned out.   So she never would have survived the Morning Grand Opening experience of the Event! *LOL*   This frame shows how thrilled she wasn't to be Photographed at all this day, so Gramma stopped the Pathological picture taking with her in frame, she wasn't having it... and who wants to Deal with Tween Angst?!  *Smiles*

She even took Issue with being in this frame where her reflection was captured in the Mirror of an Antique Armoire!  She claims she looks like she stepped into another dimension and was being held hostage inside the furniture!    My 'Alice' thru the Looking Glass shot...  *Smiles*   Believe me, Shopping with her in tow now, as a Tween, is rather like falling down some Rabbit Hole into a crazy dimension where nothing makes sense and she could go Red Queen on ya!!!

Yeah, it can kinda go like this when we're hanging out together, but this day she wasn't intent on lobbing anyone's heads off and I managed not to lose mine.  In fact, it was a Fun day out with her once we were on her shopping spree seeking out wardrobe and new hi-top tennis shoes... at The Mall... Gak!!!  *Smiles*  Okay, in all fairness she took one for the Team by enduring my incessant Socializing with my Friends at the Event, so I owed her one at The Mall so we'd be Square and Even.

She just wasn't as infatuated with everything Francophile, she would have preferred to have attended the Seasonal Events for Halloween last Month or the upcoming one for Christmas next Month.   In fact, it's getting harder to have them want to go with me to do what I want to do... you know how Teens and Tweens are... they think it's all about them all of the time... silly Children!  *Winks*

You don't even Decorate French she reminded me, as if I didn't already know that... but it's not as if I have to re-decorate the whole house in a particular Event's Theme to Enjoy it you know!  *Smiles*   I sure did like this European Grain Sack Linen upholstered Armchair though.

And my Favorite piece of Furniture that I couldn't possibly own while having Kiddos, a Cat and a Man in the house... this Antique Peach Velvet Victorian Sofa!  *Swoonfest!*   Get rid of them and buy the Couch was a suggestion by one of the Friends... and we laughed... if only... Bwahahahahahaha!!!   Just kidding, but this would be the type of seating I would mos 'def have IF I did not have Kids, Pets and a Man at Home... right?  *Winks*

Some peeps might say they have such a Glorious Couch at Home even tho' they have Kids, Pets and a Man... but they don't have MY Kiddos, MY Pet or MY Man in their Home... big difference!   This would never survive them and then I'd feel like I completely participated in the destruction of a Gorgeous Antique piece of Divine Furniture and I couldn't Live with myself, you know?  *Le Sigh*  Everything about this piece was Sublime... including that original Crushed Velvet in an Ideal Hue!!!   And it was way Cheaper than what I just shelled out for a Contemporary Grey Leather Sectional that will hold up under my Family's use.

Okay, so the Sectional is Lovely, super Comfortable enough I fall asleep on it all the time and it has a Recliner at one end of it, so I am not complaining per se.  Just sayin' that I'm still drawn to Antique Furniture as seating that I know just wouldn't hold up and so I just don't buy any now.   But things like carved Wood Pedestals are mighty Tempting... this tower of them caught my Eye.  But, I only made my trio of purchases that I'd snagged that Morning.

Besides, Thankfully I already have a nice Hoard of Antique French Enamel Body Pitchers and pounds of Dried Lavender at Home already.   I also have a Hoard of Mortars and Pestles and I don't even collect them per se, just seem to come across a lot of really nice ones and can't resist if the price is right.  Do you ever do that with certain things my Friends?

I was Glad that with getting in Early I was able to take more time Photographing Vignettes because the quality of my pixs was far better for this Event's coverage to Share with you.   Once the eager Shoppers descend it's hard not to get complete Strangers in frame and I try to avoid that since I'm Sharing on Social Media and respect the privacy of people I don't know and don't have permission to have their Image to use online.

I noticed that Architectural Salvage was flying out the doors and being loaded up, there were some Killer pieces, including many Old Doors with Sublime details and/or Patina.   You know how Obsessed I am about Old Doors, luckily I have not dragged any Home in a very long time and have in fact Sold Off quite a few from my Private Stash in recent years.  *Gasp!  Yeah, it's True!*  Not that I don't still have an impressive Hoard, but it's a fraction of what I used to own.

I was pleased to see that the Boutique now has a Children's Clothing Line, though it skeeeeerd me when Princess T began rifling thru it.  That Kid and Wardrobe can bust a budget like nobody's business!   Thankfully she already had her Heart set on some inexpensive Jeggings at 'Target' and some fairly spendy Converse Hi-Tops from The Mall... along with fake Nails and some Bangle Bracelets, which was expensive enough without adding to her must-haves Wardrobe Cache for the day's outing!  *Winks*

Tho' not in the French Genre I did totally dig this Carpet Bag Purse which was luxurious Brown soft Leather on the back.   But I couldn't justify another Purse Purchase since I already own more than any sane Woman should have.  I like to call it a 'Collection'... that's not what the Family like to call it!  *LOL*

This half a Santos was very reasonably priced so it was difficult to resist, but I did anyway...  really I'm at saturation point for Display pieces for the Home so I'm being incredibly selective now about what I might add and what then I'd have to get rid of in my 5-to-1 Rule.

And since only 3 items came Home with me this time, I only need to get rid of 15 items.  Which seems like a lot, but Believe me, I can easily come up with 15 items out the door and into the Showroom and Booth as Fresh Inventory.  I'm still plowing thru the Hoarded Garage Storage one box or crate at a time and Hopefully by the end of Winter I will have finalized that Project?

Then I can go back and better assess what should be Kept and what should Go that is still inside the house?   Culling of possessions will be ongoing and so every once in a while I can justify a new purchase of something worthy of sending several previously owned Treasures out the door and into the Antique Mall.

And I do Hope you'll come back with us for the second installment of the Event?  We've only just skimmed the surface my Friends of the Treasures that await you.  And if you're in the Metro Phoenix area, the Event will run thru Sunday Afternoon so you still have time!   They re-stock daily with incredible Inventory Sourced from across the Globe!

So get your Francophile on and get on down there to Score yourself some European Vibe... and be duly Inspired by the Valley's version of The French Market...


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Pumpkin Fanatic

During the Holidays some things mean more to me than they probably should.

Such as picking out the right Pumpkin to Display in the house!  *Smiles*

I Confess that I'm a Pumpkin Fanatic and especially smitten with the Heirloom Varieties.

The Plain Traditional Pumpkins might satisfy The G-Kid Force and they'll pick theirs out at the Pumpkin Patches, but for me, it's an Heirloom one that will come Home as my personal choice.

And I'll drive all over the City looking for who has the best selection and varieties of Heirloom Pumpkins each year.

This year 'Sprouts' had my Favorite Picks and an abundance of Heirloom variety Pumpkins to choose from for under seven bucks apiece.

Other Shops had some good offerings as well, but I like to agonize over being spoiled for choice!  *LOL*

And I will agonize over which one to choose, I will be the Crazy Lady photographing the Heirloom Pumpkins pathologically!  *Winks*

Because each of them is a Work of Art by Nature and quite Beautiful, so it will mean far too much to me to choose the Perfect one for this year.

Some years I haven't been able to choose a single one that I preferred and just became very Fanatical and Obsessed about getting several.

I mean I Like them ALL and so it's tempting to just buy a Pumpkin Patch of them sometimes.  This year I used restraint and only bought one.

I have had some last clear thru August in the past, especially the Gourd-like varieties which are quite resilient to rot, even in a fiercely Hot climate like ours.

So here's the one I finally settled upon, isn't it Lovely?   I had wanted a very warty colorful one this year, with a nice stem I'll preserve to Create a Fabric Pumpkin from.

Yes, I did fondle a bunch of them before deciding upon 'The One', I probably agonized more about my choice than the Younger Grands will when they get to the Pumpkin Patch next weekend to choose theirs!  *Smiles*

Yes, I'm actually as indecisive and particular about my Pumpkins as the Younger Grandchildren, go figure... who knew?   Well... now YOU do, since I've come Clean about my Pumpkin Fanaticism!!!  *Winks*

They also had these Whimsical Air Plants growing out of Skullies on a Candlestick holder, Five bucks, I couldn't resist!

There wasn't as much agonizing about choosing which one of these, since they were all so similar, so this one came Home with me too.

You mist them once a week, practically No Care... so they called them The Living Dead Plant... how Cute and appropriate is that for Halloween?  *LOL*

Though I didn't buy any this particular day I had to Admire all of the Autumn Floral Bouquet offerings, the Hues are Sublime!

I Love the Autumn Bouquets best because it's more my preferred Color Palette.  Not to mention you can purchase Lovely Bouquets like these for under Five Bucks, so a Beautiful Bargain as well!!!


Happy Halloween and Autumn Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Arizona State Fair 2017

A complete day of Rest followed by a complete day of Fun with The G-Kid Force was apparently just what I needed.  Since now I already feel considerably better and have Positive energy recharging me physically and mentally!  I hadn't realized Yesterday had been Friday the 13th, perhaps that's why I felt like crap?  *LOL*

The Arizona State Fair has begun and who doesn't Enjoy a day at the Fair?!?  They were offering discounts which made it affordable this year and we had an excellent time.   Don't be fooled by Princess T's countenance in every pix, she had a Big Time, this is her pre-teen attempt at a 'Serious' Pose for Photographs lately!  *LOL*  

I think she's been watching too much 'Project Runway' and other Modeling Shows where the Models always look petulant and take themselves entirely too Seriously?!  *Winks*   She and her Big Brother are getting to the ages now where they finally get along well when we go out together for Family Time.  It's so nice to see them bonding and becoming Friends rather than fighting constantly and tormenting each other incessantly.

They were in complete Unity about which rides to go on together and except for one particularly scary one she didn't opt out this year and was very brave.  Much braver than I, since I'm content nowadays to just Admire the incredible Artwork on the Rides and that's enough for me now!  *LMAO*

Now the Kiddos look like they're melting because indeed it was a very HOT Autumn day here in the Desert Today and might have gone triple digits again, sure felt like it?!!   So, nothing quite as refreshing when you're already spontaneously combusting on the outside than to see Jalapeno Lemonade for a refreshment, right?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   Only in Arizona my Friends are Jalapenos offered in everything and anything... and this year a lot of the Fair Food was also smothered in Hot Cheetos!

I had gone Online before we went, to read the Food Critic Reviews of which Fair Foods to avoid this year and which got Rave Reviews and made the Best List.  I must say the Critics were right on point with what they Listed as the Best and I would also highly recommend if you're going this year?!

Of coarse The Navajo Nation since 1964 has been serving up the BEST Indian Fry Bread at the Arizona State Fair so it's one of my Fair Staples.   Just a touch of Honey and Powdered Sugar and this light as a Feather pastry is Sublime!!!  You can sit and watch the First Nation Dancers and Musicians while gnoshing on your Fry Bread.

First time at the Fair and I Hope they will be a staple in the Future was a Food Truck serving up Divine Crepes that were Restaurant Quality.  They got very High No. One Reviews from the Food Critics so we sought them out, I Love me a good Crepe anyway, much healthier than your average Fair Food too.  I tried a new Savory Crepe that was absolutely Sublime, Prickly Pear Chicken Crepe... OMG, I have no adequate words to describe how delish this was!!!

Le Crepe is right near The Navajo Nation Fry Bread Food Truck on the far Northwest corner of The State Fair near the Grandstands if you're looking for either of them, or both.   If I see this Food Truck anywhere around the City I'm stopping for a Crepe so I can try out all their offerings, along with having another of those Divine Prickly Pear Cactus Crepes again!

Here's a sampling of their Crepe Menu and they serve them up looking just as good as the Imagery!   Very filling, you might not even have room for anything else, tho' I did force an Indian Fry Bread down me afterwards... for Old Time's Sake!  *Winks*

There was definitely a Baconfest at the Food Trucks this year too... you could get damned near anything wrapped or covered in Bacon!   Let's face it, the Fair is not the place to go if you're Dieting religiously...  you're SUPPOSED to go down in flames for a day when you're here my Friends!   Because as my Precious 85+ year Old Friend Leo always says, "I'm gonna LIVE until I Die..."   *Smiles*

This year they had a Free Dinosaur exhibit and these rubberized animatronic Creatures looked so realistic we couldn't get Princess T to stand too near any of them!  *LOL*

Even the Eyeballs looks so REAL!!!   It was Jurassic Park in the Desert...

Now, I had the Young Prince stand close enuf to get some good candid shots of him with Dinosaurs... but I must tell you that so many Parents are brazen about disobeying the Courteous Signs saying not to touch and to stand behind the ropes with their Children.

This is a Pet Peeve of The G-Kid Force and I when Parents flagrantly disobey Rules and Safety Requests with their Children, especially the very Young Children.  How can they grow up to be Safe and Respectful of property that doesn't belong to them when they are not set a Good Example and are being raised by disobedient Adults that are so irresponsible?!?

The Force went around reading the Signs out loud and purposely loudly near every Parent they saw on the other side of the ropes and putting their Kiddos practically ON the freakin' Dinosaurs and Shaming them publicly!!!  *LMAO*  Nothing like a 12 and 17 year Old having more Common Sense and Maturity about proper Parenting than Adults actually raising Children, right?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

The Young Prince even quipped he was doing Audio Duty in case the Parents were also illiterate and couldn't even read the Signs.  *Winks*  Every Parent stepped back across the ropes to where they should be and brought their Children away from Manhandling the Dinosaurs, so the Shaming worked and I was proud of them for being bold enough to speak out against such Ignorance and intentional disobedience.

I'm sure these Creatures cost a lot and having them intentionally Manhandled destroys the display for everyone else to Enjoy.  It threatens that Vendors and Sponsors Hosting these types of Free Displays might not in the Future if they've had a Negative experience with the General Public not being respectful.

I would like to think that enough of the General Public can be obedient and respectful enough that we will continue to have these types of Free Exhibits Sponsored and Hosted by various Companies generosity.   So I just had to get that off my chest since Publicly I have Witnessed so much Poor and incompetent Parenting lately that it's rather alarming that the Generation they're raising will turn out badly.

But that was the only Neg of the whole day actually, the mauling of the Dinos by some Families that couldn't control their Kids or were actually encouraging and initiating bad behavior.   The Fair had a Special Today that if you arrived before 2:00 pm you got in for only $5 each... so we arrived at Opening 11:00 am on the Weekends and there really were no enormous crowds yet.  This meant no lines for the rides and they got to stay on longer.

It also meant no Anxiety or Panic Attacks by either Grandchild since the sensory overload was minimal and they weren't surrounded by tons of people.  It meant we could get refreshments and food without waiting in lines and have plenty of options for seating near various Entertainment going on and in the shade.  So we stayed for four hours, by then it was beginning to get crowded and we were tired enough to call it a day.

Princess T was getting Sleepy and actually fell asleep in the Truck on the way Home, both Kiddos took long Naps after arriving Home.  I had sufficiently and successfully worn them out!  *Winks*

I had totally avoided gorging on Fair Foods... which is always the Temptation. *Smiles*   I must say that I had NO trouble eating Today and that was a relief since I really Wanted to eat some delish Fair Food!  *Whew!*

The Asian Vendors of the Anime Products and Squishy Bun Products that The Force J'Adore gave them deep discounts for buying so much.  They opted that Gramma buy them what they really Wanted rather than playing the Midway Games to try to Win something they didn't really even Want.   I must say the pricing on the Merchandise was Cheaper than in the Specialty Shops, a big Surprise!  So they came Home with quite a Haul each and were Delighted!!!

The Rides were more reasonable this year too so they each got to go on a half dozen, which they were content with that many and didn't want to go on more anyway.   They chose the scariest rides, no more Baby Rides for these two Daredevils!!!  *Smiles*   And Trust and Believe there were some absolutely terrifying Rides there this year!

Since it was all about the Kiddos Today I didn't purchase anything for moi, tho' they had some incredible Catrinas and other Dia de los Muertos Merchandise at really good prices.   That top shelf was Calling to me like a Siren's Song, I practically had to be dragged away... *Winks*

My Darling Frida was everywhere this year, so they had some incredible Frida Kahlo Artwork for Sale and on Display in the areas where Local Artists entered the Art Contests and Won Ribbons for their Work.

Some that had been in the Contests was also for Sale, some was not.  We always Enjoy visiting the competitive Displays for various Art Forms and Crafts.   There is a lot of Local Talent of all ages.


This was my absolute Favorite Painting this year at the Art Competition Exhibit, it almost looked like a Black and White Photograph and I Love Photo Realism Artwork.

The Favorite Painting that all three of us agreed upon was this Rustic Painting of an Old GMC Truck in a Field.

Yep, The Force were up there in this shot... The Young Prince actually talked his Little Sister into joining him on some terrifying rides, she was shaking when she got off, but in a good way that she was clearly excited about conquering her Fears over.  *LOL*

I Love all the Creepy Props and Creepy Artwork that are Ideal for the Pre-Halloween Season.   This was my Favorite Animatronic Prop in front of one of the Haunted Attraction Rides.

Here's a Close-Up of this Delightfully Creepy Dude... looks like something Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, would introduce you to Eighties Horror Genre Style!

The Force was abducted and taken up in this Spaceship...

This was the only Ride that The Young Prince couldn't convince his Little Sister to go on with him... she just couldn't muster the Courage for this one.

But she was Game for all the others and I think they both had a much better time going on Rides together this year.   Usually she's too timid to go on Rides alone and he usually wants to bring a Friend his Age, but I can't swing paying for a 3rd random Kiddo at an all day Event, it's a stretch to do my two Grands adequately.

But it's definitely worth every cent to see such Joy and them having a Big Time at The Fair.  Some of my fondest Memories are of going to Fairs and Carnivals, so Bright, so Festive, such FUN!!!

It Delights all of the Senses to go to The Fair... or a good Local Carnival... and I haven't outgrown the Attraction of them either, since I'm a Big Kid at Heart, tho' I rarely go on the Rides anymore.   The G-Kid Force joked that probably they wouldn't let Grandpa or I on them anymore anyway 'coz we're Too Old!??!??  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

Okay, I gotta admit that I didn't see any Seniors on the Rides... most of us were parked watching our Grandkids going on them or gorging on the Fair Food, since ya gotta Die of somethin', right?  *Winks*  And Leo and I have the same Outlook... we're gonna LIVE until we Die...



Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
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