Sunday, December 10, 2017

Highland Yard Vintage Joyful House

Well I did manage to make it out to the spectacular HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE Christmas Event to Experience 'The Joyful House' in person on Friday Afternoon, after I picked The Young Prince up from School.  Since I didn't have an entourage in tow I could linger and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the Holidays fully.  All of the Designers did an amazing job of capturing the very Essence of the Season in the Show and it was good to see so many East Side Friends, since I don't get over to that side of the Valley nearly enough.  The Son unfortunately couldn't meet me there, he lives quite close to the Event so we usually meet up when I'm shopping over there, but he had other commitments that Afternoon so we weren't able to hook up for Lunch.  A shame since I had the most delish Cuban Club Sammie at AMERICAN WAY MARKET inside of MERCHANT SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL.   Yes, I did come away with some Treasures, which I will profile in another Post... along with a Holiday Post I'll Share on the Mall.   I also got to attend the 17th Annual Tamale Festival in Downtown Phoenix over the Weekend and pick up six kinds of Fresh Home-Made Tamales for the Holidays, which is a Family Tradition.  We had Yucatan Style wrapped in Banana Leaves which have Chicken and Pork, Chile Cheese, Sweet Corn, Red Beef, Green Pork and Pina {Pineapple} Dessert Tamales.  Nom-Nom!!!   Remember to Support all of your Small Businesses in your area over the Holidays, they are indeed the backbone of the American Entrepreneur Spirit!  And why I am committed to also Covering ALL of my Small Business Local Events here in the Valley... may they all Prosper and Enjoy incredible Success, each and every one is so deserving of it!  I want to Thank ALL of the Small Business Owners, Designers, Stylists and Artisans that give us the options beyond The Big Box Mega Corporate experience. 


Happy Holidays to you all my Friends... From The Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Joyful House ~ Highland Yard Vintage

**NOTE: All Beautiful Images cribbed from HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE Facebook Page**

I haven't been yet, since I've picked up more Holiday Hours at Work and so I'll have to squeeze a Pilgrimage to the Far East Valley in before a shift, but HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE is having their "Joyful House" Christmas Themed Event from December 7th-December 10th!   Thus I've had to crib all my Imagery from their Facebook Page for this Post to ensure you will know about it in time to attend.   The Photography is excellent and so I couldn't have covered it better even with New Camera anyway.   But I do want to get out there since I just Love experiencing ALL of the Wonderful Christmas Events around the Valley and immersing myself into everything Holiday related!   I also see some things I'd like to try to get if they're still there if I can make the trek out there in time to be able to get to Work later in the Evening in the Far West Valley... we'll have to see how ambitious and energetic I am?  Holiday Traffic is the worst, this is when I Wish I had Flying Reindeer and a Sleigh!  So traversing from the Far West Side to the Far East Side and back again in Holiday Traffic is a risky move to attempt before my Shift.   I didn't expect to work during every day of the Holiday Weekends and so I had just assumed I'd have time for every Event coming up.   Picking up Grandkids from School at 11:30 am and 3:45 pm always throws a wrench in Mid-week Shopping excursions I might want to participate in too.  *Le Sigh*   I either need more Days in my Week or more Hours in my Day!  *Smiles*


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian  

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Yeah Gramma, That's Not Weird At All...

Embarrassing The G-Kid Force as they get older gets easier and easier I swear!  *Winks*   And since most of my Besties are as Weird and Wonderfully inclined as Yours Truly, well, when I get together with my Posse, we can be an Extreme Bunch of Oddball Outsiders maxing out on the Grandkids Embarrassment Scale!  *LOL*  One of my long time Friends is soon moving to another State, so she was giving me one of her Vintage Mannequins Today.  We've been coordinating the Swap for a few days now, since both of us have insane Schedules so close to the Holidays and this was taking up a lot of space in her SUV laying prostrate in her back seat.  *Smiles*

So, there we were swapping Naked Armless Vintage Mannequin Kid at the side of the road this Afternoon after picking up our 17 Year Old Grandsons from School... both Boys in the Passenger seats of our respective vehicles and cars streaming by... Yeah Gramma, that's not Weird at all... was the response of The Force!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Princess T was just Thankful she wasn't in the vehicle too as passers driving by were probably gawking and wondering WTF?!?!!!  Like, WHAT... this is NOT Normal?!??!!  *Winks*   And BTW, in case YOU were Wondering, NO, this isn't where it will be Displayed for the Holidays nor will it remain Naked... I just Needed a well lit spot to prop it up and Photograph it for this Post and Story!  *Ha ha ha*

And probably the most hilarious part is that another of my long time Friends would even HAVE a Naked Armless Vintage Mannequin Kid and know exactly who they'd give it to if they weren't taking it with them... I instantly come to Mind!  *LMAO*   Hey, ya want my Vintage Naked Armless Mannequin Kid, Dawn?  Do you even Need to ask... why of coarse!!! *Smiles*    The Young Prince really didn't raise an Eyebrow nor say anything, nor did her Grandson, of why she had a Vintage Armless Naked Mannequin Kid in her SUV and was sitting at the side of the road after School waiting to swap it into my Truck when we met up.  Just a 'Normal' Exchange in the lives of their Eccentric Grammas!  *Bwahahahaha!!!* 

 I'm totally Jazzed to receive it as a Parting Gift, I Love Retro Mannequins in any condition.  This one has considerable Age and Wear damage and cracks on both whole sides of head and neck area... and of coarse the missing Arms, who knows?   These fiberglass Mannequins are more fragile than they look but I happen to like the Character imparted by Age and Use, though it would be nice if I can find a Stand and Rod so this one stands up again on it's own.  The feet were not designed to stand so a metal rod on a metal or lucite stand would have held it up as a Display piece in a Department Store back in da day. 

I also picked up another set, smaller in size, at Target, of the Travel Trailer and this one has a Woody Station Wagon rather than the Pickup Truck the larger set had.   Only one Target even had this size and they were Selling Out fast, you could get the Pickup Truck in the smaller size but I liked the Woody Station Wagon, for a different look than my larger sized set.  I was just Surprised they had any left since their Seasonal Decor is Selling Out so fast that most shelves are already bare!   Now that I had all of the Grandkids covered for Christmas I could get a few more inexpensive Decorations for the house.

And speaking of Grandkids... I got some recent Images of The G-Kid Force's four Little Sisters in Mexico and so of coarse I'm going to Share!    The oldest one, whose a year younger than Princess T and will be turning 11 on the 13th of this Month, has been adding Cute little Ears to her Selfies and is clearly entering The Tween Diva Mode right along with her older Sister!  *Ha ha ha*

Then there's the next one who will be turning 10 on the 3rd of January...

And the next one who will be turning 8 on the 27th of December... so see why right around the Holidays leaves Gramma Dawn so broke with Christmas and so many Grandkid Birthdays clumped together!?!  *LOL*

And then the Baby, who Thankfully isn't born right around Christmas... Whew, so I catch a break there!  *Smiles*

And here's their Big Sister in her Blue Winter Formal Dance Dress again, which she paraded around the house with so Grandpa and her Big Brother could ohhh and ahhh about it.  *Smiles*

I get a kick out of her and her Besties exchanging Phone snapshots each Morning of what they're going to wear to School... what they're eating... what they're doing... no Wonder she was Jonesin' for a Phone for Christmas... these Kids Lifeline to the World is their Smart Phones now!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  Well, it's kinda like you Blogging about everything Gramma she told me... Touche'... she's got me there!  *Winks*

I've actually been experimenting with my New Camera and taking pixs with and without the flash to see how they turn out... so this is a shot with the flash...

And the same shot without the flash in just Natural Light...

With the flash...

Without the flash... I like both... but tend to prefer the warmer flash versions slightly better.   And of coarse if there is no good Natural Light you have to use flash since it's a Good Camera, but not one of the Expensive ones that never Needs a flash. 

So for the Holidays sometimes Family Members and Old Friends ask me for Blasts from the Past of Christmas back in da day and I like to see what Nostalgic Imagery I can dig up and try to Photograph the Old Pixs of... it's Fun.   This one was a Twenty-Plus Year High School Reunion... we're up past Forty now and I no longer even wanna attend and find out who probably died.   This is the only one I actually ever attended and The Man chose not to go with me since he's a lot older than my Classmates and he was in Vietnam fighting a War when I was still in High School.   Good thing they had Created Buttons for us to wear of our Senior Portraits so that we'd recognize one another!  *LMAO*  It was Interesting to see what everyone was doing so long after High School, if they were in a Relationship, had Kids, Grandkids, etc... and re-connect with Old School Friends.

This one of The G-Kid Force one Christmas Past always makes me Smile... you can almost hear the Harpsichord Music in your Head playing the Addams Family Theme Song can't ya... they are SO Pugsley and Wednesday Addams in their countenance aren't they... such Christmas 'Cheer'?!?  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  That was also the Christmas we did a 'Salvage' Christmas Tree and just put Whatever on it, Salvage items and Old Family Pixs, which to this day was one of my all time Favorite Trees and Themes!   I also Loved that White Tree and was brokenhearted when the Lights finally went out and it Yellowed with Age... and not in a Good Sepia way to be able to 'keep'.  *Le Sigh*

You know, some of these Blasts from the Past aren't that Old and yet the Kiddos look so LITTLE in them, it's Amazing how in just a few short years they go from Kids to Young Adult looking already in the blink of an Eye!   Here's Princess T circa only about 2012 and I can't Believe how tiny and young she looked here... compared to NOW just five short years later blossoming into Young Womanhood at the speed of Light and already taller than me!

Here's an even Older Blast from the Past when the Oldest Daughter and Family came out for Christmas one year, the Middle Grand-Daughter was just a bun in the oven here and the Grand-Daughter that just got Married was a mere Toddler standing there in front of Grandpa!   At that time The Son did NOT like being such a Young Uncle and having us being called Gramma and Grandpa yet, since he was still in Grade School and isn't much older than his Nieces!  *LOL*

Since he was OUR Baby, he didn't like being one-upped by us having Grandkids to Indulge before he was Grown!  *LOL*   He and I have always been very close and it was Sweet that he was so possessive of me and said I couldn't be a Grandma until I had White Hair and Looked Old!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   When we began RAISING some of the Grands, well, he about Lost It there for a while in righteous indignation that now we had too many Kids in the house, he hadda Share his room with a Nephew, just when he thought he had us all to himself after the Sisters were Full Grown!  We laugh about that now of coarse, since he's in his 30's now, has his own Family... realizes we didn't PLAN to raise another Generation... doesn't mind Sharing me anymore... and realizes the Hair still ain't White so I just couldn't wait for his Time Frame 'Conditions'... right?  *Winks*

Here he is as a Toddler one Christmas with The G-Kid Force's Mommy...

And going even further back in Time, here's The G-Kid Force's Mommy as a Baby... NO, her Hair wasn't that color, just a very Old snapshot taken with a very cheap Camera that is fading into some Weird hues with Age!

And finally... I found an Image of The G-Kid Force's Mommy when she was just about the same Age Princess T is right now... I think she was about Eleven and a half here and the resemblance of she and her Girls is so evident... it's like she Cloned them all!  *Smiles*   And the Trip down Memory Lane was so Nostalgically Sweet for me and for those I Shared this Blast from the Past with... who all knew us way back then and when...

And I'll leave you with this Quote from FDR, which is as relevant Today as it was all those years ago... and which I Hope our Country takes to Heart more than it has been of late...


So here's to The Future, may it be Memorable for each of us in only the very Best of ways my Friends... Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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